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President of the Georgian Association for Cardiac Surgery, Board Member

1985-1993 - Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Faculty of Pediatrics;
1993-1994 - Department of General Surgery, Tbilisi Children's Republican Hospital, Intern;
1995-1999 - Department of Congenital Malformation Surgery, Bakulev St. Scientific Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, Moscow, postgraduate study;
2001-2002 - I Surgical Division, Linz, Austria, Internship in the European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Adult Cardiovascular Surgery;
2003 - Cardiovascular Surgery Department, University Clinic, Geneva. Internship;
2004 - Poznan Children's Hospital, Cardiac Surgery Department, Internship in Neonatal Cardiac Surgery;
2009 - Tallinn (Estonia), Regional Hospital, Cardiac Surgery Department. Internship, without artificial blood circulation in cardiac surgery
2009 - Zurich (Switzerland), University Clinic, Department of Cardiac Surgery. Training in heart transplantation;
1999-2003 - Cardiac Surgeon, Joe Ann. Cardiac Surgery Clinic;
2003-2008 - Cardiac Surgeon, Cardiac Surgery Clinic "Open Heart";
2008-2015 - Medical Director, Cardiac Surgeon, Head of Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology Department. Acad. N. Kipshidze Central University Clinic;
2015 to present Cardiac Surgeon, Center for Vascular and Cardiac Disease

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